Magnolia Design Center


5133 Richmond Ave HOUSTON, TX 77056 713-576-1321
Store Hours: Mon: 10-9; Tue: 10-9; Wed: 10-9; Thurs: 10-9; Fri: 10-9; Sat: 9-10; Sun: 10-8

What is the difference between a Magnolia Home Theater and a Magnolia Design Center?

Magnolia has created two types of stores to meet your unique home entertainment needs. Here is how they differ:

Magnolia Design Centers
  • The flagship of the Magnolia brand
  • An experiential showroom shopping environment that may include everything from a dedicated theater and family room, to an outdoor great room
  • Elite brands you’ll find in few other places including McIntosh, Sonus Faber and Sonance
  • A dedicated staff of Engineers, Installers and System Designers
  • Located inside 15 Best Buy locations and growing
Magnolia Home Theaters
  • A step above what you'll find in the home theater department at Best Buy
  • Greater selection of brands like MartinLogan, Bowers & Wilkins and Definitive Technology
  • Located inside over 350 Best Buy locations nationwide
  • Learn more at

Experience the MartinLogan CLX Loudspeaker

More than just a speaker, the CLX represents everything MartinLogan has learned about electrostatic technology. The industry benchmark for resolving detail, CLX utilizes dual electrostatic transducers to render the most complex musical passages faithfully. Listen to a demo, speak with experts from MartinLogan, then try to not want a pair for yourself on Saturday, October 11 from 12 p.m. – 5 P.M.

Dolby Atmos® Now Available at Magnolia

Dolby Atmos is a whole new way to experience multi-dimensional sound not only around you, but above you as well. But Dolby Atmos isn’t a product, it’s a new technology found in select audio devices, and it’s now available at Magnolia, where you’ll find the latest products and know-how, with demos available in select locations in October.

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