Bringing music and movies to life

For over 30 years, Arcam has used world-class engineering, technology and design to provide a level of performance that will captivate all who look and listen, which led to the creation of Arcam’s slogan “Bringing music and movies to life.” Based near Cambridge, England, Arcam brings the highest fidelity reproduction of music and movies into people's homes and offers a wide selection of ways to do so, from greatly enhancing the sound of your laptop with a simple DAC to the ultimate in home theater excitement with state-of-the-art surround receivers. Arcam connects you straight to the emotional power of the music, so experience the magic that an Arcam-based system can provide today.

A reputation of innovation

Arcam produces world-class stereo, theater and streaming music products packed with cutting-edge technology to delight every music and movie lover. By integrating proprietary technology such as Acousteel, Stealth Mat and Mask of Silence, Arcam adds the most advanced features available across its entire product range.